Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Tale of Music

Whenever someone asks me what type of music I like, I just stare at them a while until they walk away. While this may be the cause of my lack of friends, it is a lot easier then listing all the genres I listen to.

If you were to take my ipod and look through all my songs, you would come to the conclusion that I am bipolar. For the record I am not bipolar, I just like many music.

Some people say, "I hate country music! It's so annoying, they always talk about their horses dying and their girlfriends leaving or their boyfriends cheating. And don't get me started on those accents!" While I don't listen to country music every waking moment, I do appreciate it and connect with the songs. A great band that I appreciate is the Band Perry.

People say that rap is to profane and you can never understand what they are saying. While it does take a few listens to understand what the rapper is angrily shouting into the microphone, I have to say that rap is one of the things I listen to on a regular basis now. I think you really just need to find a rapper or song that speaks to you. B.o.B. is a really great rapper and song writer as is Macklemore. If you really listen to what they are saying, they are talking about more than just drugs, parties, strippers. 

 People that don't know me that well usually group me in with the people that live on classical music (this is the case if they also know that I play the violin). I do love classical music, but I like it as a musician (if that makes any sense to you). I don't listen to it exactly; I connect with it when I play it. 

In all honesty, I have never heard anyone complain about rock (and I'm grateful for that, people complain about everything). For me rock and roll was part of my childhood. My mom played Bon Jovi in the car, around the house, and even when I was in her womb. I like it because of this reason and also because of the passion and fire behind it that no other songs created these days can really capture.

Dubstep is described as a bunch of beeps and boops that are strung together and have weird monster sound in some songs. There is no way to deny that; that's pretty much what it is. Why do I like it? I have no idea....

To me, music isn't about liking one genre and just that one genre your whole life (unless that's just the way you are). Music is about connecting with the song and the message that is behind it. What is the point of listening to a song if you are deaf to the message it carries?

Monday, July 1, 2013


To those of you who are awesome enough to stumble across my blog, Bonjour!! I have made you croissants !